Quality Products’ Jennifer Alfaro Becomes Compass Precision Employee of the Month

Quality Products & Machine stresses versatility in all of its employees. In recent years, no one has been more of a “utility infielder” for the Compass Precision operating company than Jennifer Alfaro in customer service.

For her efforts, Compass Precision has named Jennifer its Employee of the Month of June.

During her three years at Quality Products, Jennifer has provided numerous services and filled multiple roles. She began her tenure in 2017 as a receptionist on a temporary basis, which also included data entry. When an opportunity opened a couple years later, Jennifer moved into customer service, where her new day-to-day duties include contacting vendors and suppliers along with providing customers with updates. She still does some receptionist work, but Jennifer now primarily focuses on customer service and moved into her own office early in 2020.

Her daily tasks also include packing labels for shipments. Jennifer routinely goes to the shipping department, where she gets more hands on and helps package boxes, as well. When Operations Manager Patrick Mayne needed a camera operator for the Quality Products factory tour video in April, Jennifer helped there as well and even heavily assisted with the editing process.

“I love to give where I’m needed,” said Jennifer. “If I can help when I can or with what it is, I would ask and I would want to, just because, for a lack of better phrase or word, I like to give myself to helping.”

Jennifer worked at a couple other places as a temporary employee before 2017. While her tenure began the same way at Quality Products, she says her role “grew on her” and that it’s the first place she wanted to be at permanently.

One of her favorite parts about working at Quality Products is the opportunity the company provides its employees to grow and how it encourages her to give “better than her best.” Jennifer says she loves that Patrick allows her to challenge herself while company President Kevin Farmer “guides her in the right direction” with macromanaging instead of micromanaging. 

Furthermore, Jennifer cherishes the opportunity to absorb as much information from the rest of the management team as possible and possesses a lot of admiration for the products the company produces.

“I’ve always been an artsy kind of person, creative crafts-type of person. In its own way, what the guys do here — it’s art. You start out with a blank piece of metal and you make something so beautiful and cool out of it. Then it goes into something bigger — a kioski, transportation, a generator, whatever —  it’s a completed masterpiece. I think that’s why I just like it so much because I can sort of relate to it on the art side.”

Outside of work, Jennifer spends time with her three kids. Together, they love to do arts and crafts, play board games and go bike riding. Jennifer also likes to spend time with friends and family, helping them too wherever she can.