2020 EOM Honorees Then and Now

Compass believes strongly in recognizing, and applauding, the achievements of its employees. Just six months after its founding, Compass began an Employee of the Month program. This initiative identifies one highly deserving employee each month and publicizes his or her contribution towards Compass’s success.

But of course, employees of the month don’t stop achieving after receiving this honor. In fact, some have gone on to contribute in different and greater ways. Let’s take a look back at the 10 recipients of this recognition from the award’s inaugural year of 2020.

Al Farrar – March

Al continues to be ‘The Man’ when Quality Products is challenged to manufacture complicated weldments. His skills were severely tested when the company was asked to manufacture six extremely large, welded assemblies for a new customer in late 2021. Al led the efforts to complete this order on time and to spec. In his spare time, he co-wrote a technical paper entitled “What’s the Difference between MIG and TIG Welding” which appears on Compass’s website (https://compassprecision.com/wp-content/uploads/MIG-TIG-Technical-Article.pdf). Al has also taken on the role of Safety Leader for Quality Products.

Anthony Palermo – April

Number two tries harder, or in Anthony’s case, from a new position with a different operating company. After making significant contributions at Quality Products, he moved over to Gray Manufacturing in the summer of 2021 and learned how to run the company’s sophisticated Mazak Integrex mill/turn machine. Anthony is now a key member Gray’s team making complicated metal parts for space and aerospace customers.

Solomon Emert – May

Solomon complimented Al Farrar’s welding skills during his two-year stint with Quality Products and contributed to the company’s superior capabilities in this key manufacturing process. In late 2021, Solomon elected to make a career change and choose to leave Compass to pursue an opportunity in commercial/industrial door installation. We were sad to see him go, but wish him every success.

Jennifer Alfaro – June

The ultimate Jack of All Trades, Jennifer continues to demonstrate her versatility in contributing to Quality Products’ success in many ways. When COVID-19 made it impossible for customer’s to visit Quality’s facility in Charlotte, Jennifer teamed up with Patrick Mayne (see below) and Greg Donaldson (EOM in March 2021) to create two virtual factory tours of the company’s 4600 Westinghouse Boulevard facility (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TZlrNMVsgM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaPM2qq5TtM). Her growth in the Customer Service role is far above anyone else that has ever held that position at Quality Products.

Brad Howard – July

Brad served successfully as Tri-Tec’s production manager from 2016 through 2020. He then elected to take on a more technical role as the company’s lead CNC machinist. Since being recognized as Employee of the Month, Brad has become Mitutoyo CMM certified. In addition, he has overseen the start-up of several CNC machines at Tri-Tec including a new Haas VF-6, VF-4, and VF-2 as well as several new lathes. Brad continues to grow in his knowledge of programming and set-up capabilities and remains eager to learn any chance he is given.

Mr. Unattended – August

For its first EOM honoree, Advanced Machining choose to recognize a virtual employee named Mr. Unattended to emphasize the significant amount of production that occurs at this company without any direct employee involvement. Advanced uses the automated capabilities of its multi-pallet 5-axis machining centers and its wire and sinker EDM units to run many customer parts on an unattended and lights-out basis. Mr. Unattended owes his success to the efforts of our team of real humans that support robust and reliable CNC programs, equipment maintenance, and logistical management.

Bob Lipka – September

Bob was Compass’s first Quality Product’s employee to receive the Employee of the Month honor. He continues to serve various roles within Quality Products’ quality function. Bob was a key contributor supporting the start-up of the company’s new Zeiss CMM in early 2021 (https://compassprecision.com/quality-products-zeiss-contura-coordinate-measurement-machine/).

Chris Adkins – October

An extraordinarily talented 5-axis CNC programmer, Chris served as a key contributor to Gray’s early success (company was founded in 2013). Some of the most complicated parts the company makes use his programs. Chris left the company briefly in 2021 to pursue another career, then returned a few months later. We are incredibly happy he is back.

Patrick Mayne – November

Patrick was a significant part of Quality Products success right up to his leaving the company in the summer of 2021. The lean manufacturing initiatives he began at Quality are still in place. The video he and Jennifer Alfaro made in 2020 has been viewed more than 4,000 times on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TZlrNMVsgM). We will always wish Patrick well.

Jeff Geoghan – December

As an actual flesh-and-blood employee at Advanced Machining, Jeff oversees the company’s quality function. This includes in-process and final parts inspection as well as maintenance of Advanced’s quality system. Under Jeff’s direction, the company has successfully maintained its AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, including the most recent surveillance audit in 2021. Jeff is immensely proud of the fact that Advanced Machining has experienced zero nonconforming escapes in the last 18 months.

For more information about Compass Precision, including its Employee of the Month program, please contact David Wyscaver, Compass’s Communications Manager at david.wyscaver@compassprecision.com.