Company Names Greg Donaldson to New Position

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 9, 2021 – Compass Precision loves to emphasize promoting from within its own company. It did that again when a major opening became available at one of its five operating companies.

Quality Products & Machine, LLC, a leading manufacturer of precision metal components and fabricated assemblies, announced Wednesday that it has promoted Greg Donaldson to Operations Manager.

“I have worked side by side with Greg for a long time,” stated Quality Products President Kevin Farmer, to whom Greg now reports. “When our Operations Manager position became open, there was no doubt in my mind that Greg was the best candidate.”

Greg began his tenure at Quality Products in 2002, initially serving as a fabricator. He received a promotion to Fabrication Manager three years later. Then in 2018, Greg began managing the shipping and engineering departments too.

In March, Compass named Greg the Employee of the Month.

 “Greg is a great example of someone who never stops contributing, who wants to learn and do more, who works hard to make us better,” exclaimed Gary Holcomb, Compass’s CEO. “And he is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Prior to joining Quality Products, Greg worked at FabTech as a fabricator/welder. Born and raised in Charlotte, Greg attended Central Piedmont Community College. He’s worked in the CNC industry for 25 years.

 “I really like working at Quality Products and the people are what make the company strong,” explained Greg when asked about his promotion. “Now I get to contribute in a different role, a broader role. I am really going to enjoy this challenge.”

One of Greg’s other favorite things about working at Quality Products is the opportunity to produce products for the U.S. military. Greg didn’t serve, but his father, grandfather and uncle all had stints in the U.S. Air Force.

Quality Products operates from a 47,000-square-foot facility in Charlotte, NC at 4600 Westinghouse Boulevard. The company has both machining and fabrication capabilities, all under one roof. It manufactures complex prototype and low-to-mid volume metal parts, with a focus on defense and power generation markets.

The Compass operating company was founded in 1962. ZP Enterprises, LLC, an Atlanta-based firm, acquired majority interest in the company in 2010, then purchased the remaining ownership in 2018.

During 2019, ZP Enterprises decided to seek new ownership for three of its portfolio companies, including Advanced Machining & Tooling, LLC of Salisbury, NC and Tri-Tec Industries, LLC of Charlotte, NC as well as Quality Products. It quickly reached an agreement with Main Street Capital Holdings, a Pittsburgh-based private equity firm. Main Street acquired Quality Products, along with its two sister firms, and placed them under a new umbrella company, Compass Precision, LLC.

In August 2020, Compass Precision added Gray Manufacturing Technologies, LLC of Denver, NC as its fourth operating company. Then in March, Compass expanded outside North Carolina by acquiring Douglas Machining Services, LLC in Winona, MN.