Laser Cutter Operator Reaches Career Milestone

Two different jobs over the course of 35 years in the digital era is an example of incredible career longevity.

Well, David Angel has held two different jobs during that span for the same company.

David will celebrate his 35-year anniversary at Quality Products & Machine on September 28, 2023.

”David is the second longest tenured employee at Quality Products,” stated Kevin Farmer, the company’s President. “I know that because I am the only one here longer. It has been an absolute pleasure for me to be associated with David for that time.”

David began his tenure at Quality Products as a machinist. He served in that role for a few years.

But after celebrating his 5-year anniversary at the Compass operating company, David developed an allergy to the coolant used in the machines at Quality Products. Although he continued as a machinist for a few months despite the allergy, that wasn’t a long-term solution.

Shortly thereafter, David Angel filled an opening the company had at laser cutter operator. He still holds that position today.

”David and I have worked together a long time,” explained Al Farrar, Quality Fabrication Manager. “When I got promoted earlier this year (Dave – please insert link to Al’s promotion announcement here), I quickly learned I could count on David to hold up his end on the lasers. He is good people.”

David described the laser cutter as challenging. He also added that he’s learned a bunch of new things and skills in the role.

Even entering his 36th year at the company, David continues to learn and encounter new things on a daily basis on the laser cutter.

“Every day is different. You don’t know, it may be a new job, or sometimes it’s repeat jobs,” said David. “But at least the variety keeps things moving.

“There’s always something new here. Always a new approach you have to learn to get the job done.

“It’s always better to learn than to be stagnant.”

Originally from Dayton, OH, David entered the machining industry in the late 1970s. During his first decade of work, he lived in San Antonio, TX and Charleston, SC.

David was working as a machinist for another shop in Charlotte at the beginning of 1988. But that shop was going through a slow period at the time and eventually went out of business.

During the summer of 1988, that company laid off David. By the fall, though, he had found a home at Quality Products.

When David Angel started at the company, his son was six months old. David is very appreciative that he found Quality Products when he did.

“I’m grateful to the company for giving me a chance to make a living and support my family.”

In addition to learning at work, David has improved his skills through classes in blueprint reading and inspection techniques at Central Piedmont Community College. He’s also trained in laser and sheet loader systems.